Resorption Canada Limited was federally incorporated in 1973 to design, engineer, market and service industrial systems using plasma arc technology, in a process we call Plasma Gasification. The Company has a single focus; to develop and promote the Plasma Gasification Process. Approximately 15 years were spent refining the process supported by commercial R&D activity and various government programs. RCL’s board made the decision to take the process fully commercial. Today, this is the thrust of the Company.

The Company’s plant is located in Gloucester, an industrial park just south of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. This location is less than 10 minutes from Ottawa’s International Airport and makes for ease of access to customers and colleagues from around the world

RCL has made major advances over the past 2 years; RCL’s technology is in the forefront of the limited field of plasma providers. The technology itself has moved clearly into the commercial phase. Emphasis is now placed on repeatability, sound configuration management, process and quality control.

One of the standard questions put to the technical staff is “What you have here is impressive, but how do you plan to scale up to the size we need?”. This is answered by careful design that employs a known baseline unit, commercial off-the-shelf components and then uses multiples to arrive at the desired throughput. This can be in excess of 2400 tonnes per day; a large system by any standards.

The Ontario Ministry of Energy and Environment has granted RCL a site license to process Fluorescent Light Ballasts. These ballasts contain small amounts of PCBs and are therefore considered to be Hazardous Waste. RCL will apply its Plasma Gasification Process to this material in a commercial, operational setting and customers will be able to view an operating site, as well as, the demonstration units, when they visit RCL.

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